Where can I buy a Glitch?

Minting is complete and we successful sold out our collection of 10000 Glitches. They are now available on the secondary market at Opensea.

Where can I claim Class NFTs?

To claim your free (+ gas) class NFTs please visit our claiming interface here.

How do I join a Syndicate?

To join a Syndicate and claim your your free (+ gas) Syndicate NFTs please visit our claiming interface at: https://app.playlostglitches.com Please remember, that once you assign your Glitch to a Syndicate it is for life!

Which Syndicate should I join?

The syndicate you choose should best suite your playing style, more detailed information can be found in our Whitepaper.

How do I know if a Glitch has joined a Syndicate?

You can check whether a Glitch has joined a syndicate by searching it’s ID on our claiming interface here.

What type of game will The Lost Glitches be?

The Lost Glitches — Syndicate Wars is a fusion of collectible card game (CCG) and a role playing game (RPG). All players will be able to join one of the Syndicates, craft their deck and earn experience and $LOST tokens to improve their character’s abilities and equipment to eventually conquer the virtual world of the Deep Sky!

Do I need a Glitch to play the game?

You won’t need a Glitch to play the game, however, owning one will get you a season pass to gain access to the heart of the battle. It will also bring with it exclusive perks that are only available to Glitch holders, such as access to Class NFTs and Syndicate NFTs which bring with them their own perks — things like exclusive avatars, skill animations, as well as things like booster packs for each class that you have and in game titles. On top of all of that, owning Glitches will also earn you Lost tokens!

How much $LOST does a Glitch earn?

Every Glitch will be earn 1 $LOST token per day, however, owning multiple Glitches and a Comic will have added multipliers. Please read our in depth rewards article for more information:

When Glitch holders will start earning $LOST tokens?

On December 17th we are activating the Glitches Staking System.

The Rewards System is Live: https://app.playlostglitches.com/

When is the comic launch and what is mint cost?

The launch date for the comic sale has not been set yet, however, we are aiming for mid December. Minting price will be announced at a later stage, however, each Glitch Holder will receive a 25% discount and it will be free to mint for owners of the Immortals class. Read more here!

What do I get if I only own a comic?

If you don’t own a Glitch, you will still benefit from buying the comic. The comic will give you early access to the game as well as a unique quest for all the Comic holders. By completing this in game quest, you will be granted a very rare NFT as well as cosmetics and cards; these rewards will be available only in this quest and can’t be obtained in any other ways in the game. You will also receive 500 $LOST tokens as a minting reward. Read more here!

Are you planning to build a Metaverse for the Deep Sky world?

Our team is currently looking into buying land and potentially building our very own The Glitched Land world on SANDBOX. As well, we are aiming to build an additional Deep Sky Metaverse that will be attached directly to our game. This will be a place where players can hang out between matches, play mini games and interact with each other.

How do I best keep up with the latest news?

To keep up to date on the latest news and updates, please follow our Twitter, join our Discord and read our Website as well as Medium articles.

What is the contract address of the $LOST token?

The $LOST contract address is: 0x71854072ce51cC8859c8c178e33581034fa75753