Earning $LOST

What is $LOST?

The $LOST token will be a regular, burnable ERC-20 token with an uncapped supply. It will have 18 decimals and thus will be divisible. The smart contract code will be published and verified as soon as our tech team has done their work. We’ll provide a sub-page on our website where glitch holders will be able to connect their wallets to then be able to call the $LOST minting function — for every 5 $LOST minted, 0.5 (10%) will go into a DEV fund.

The $LOST token should not be seen as a security token or as an investment vehicle.

Token Contract: 0x71854072ce51cC8859c8c178e33581034fa75753

What can I do with $LOST?

The Lost token is the currency of The Lost Glitches game and wider ecosystem, in game it will be used to unlock rewards and in the greater ecosystem we will continue to look for innovative ways to integrate it into our Deep Sky World.

How do I earn $LOST?

  • Visit https://app.playlostglitches.com
  • Connect your wallet (eg. Metamask)
  • Click on Stake
  • Approve Staking
  • Select NFTs to stake and deposit into the staking contract.

To stake your NFTs, they must be transferred into a staking contract provided by The Lost Glitches. The contract has been deployed and verified on Ethereum – it’s source code can be inspected on Etherscan. The staking contract and the deposit flow can be accessed through the official Lost Glitches website only.

Staking Contract: 0x0920F2BEB406fA19bc77425939937e2bcEBD4695
Staking Contract v2: 0xa48462174c7da010290e06c3fac6de276b97739f

Don’t use any other links or websites to connect with the official Lost Glitches staking contract.

Depositing your NFTs to the staking contract will unfortunately involve a gas fee. The gas fee should be somewhat close to what it costs to transfer a NFT to a different wallet. In addition, a one-time approval will be required which lets the staking contract maintain your NFTs. If you want to earn more $LOST tokens, you need to deposit more NFTs to the staking contract.

As soon as your first NFT is in the contract, you’ll start earning $LOST tokens. You can harvest them at any time, however, we suggest leaving time for them to accumulate.

How much $LOST do I earn?

Each Glitch earns you 1 $LOST per day, but as a special feature, collectors with more than 1 Glitch will be rewarded with minting multipliers. For example, if you stake 2 Glitches at a time that would allow you to mint 2 $LOST tokens per day. Now with the multiplier introduced, you’ll be able to mint 2 * 1.2 $LOST tokens so 2.4 $LOST tokens per day. The multiplier will be increased by 0.1 per additional Glitch held with a cap of 2x in case somebody holds 10 glitches.


Staking 6 glitches = 6 * 1.6 = 9.6 $LOST tokens/day.
Staking 13 glitches = 13 * 2 (max multiplier) = 26 $LOST tokens/day.

Comic Booster?

Not only is our 15 page comic featuring the adventures of Ephira and Hoshi a beautiful collectable NFT, it also provides a staking multiplier to earn even more $LOST. Staking a comic in the same wallet as your Glitches will add another multiplier of 1.2x to the reward rate.


Staking 6 glitches + 1 comic = 6 * 1.6 * 1.2 = 11.52 $LOST/day
Staking 13 glitches + 1 comic = 13 * 2 (max multiplier) * 1.2 = 31.2 $LOST/day