The Lost Glitches on Sandbox
// Grab your #Glitched avatar and explore the world of Sandbox
Class: Ethereum Elite.
Category: Rare | Available: 804/804
The Ethereum Elite are the leading group running the powerful corporations of the network. Their riches afford them luxurious dwellings and lavish accessories. They are highly organized and have strong connections to the arms dealers and biotechnology firms, and they use the latest in weapons and armour on the battlefield. To the other groups, they can often seem arrogant, oftentimes looking down on the ordinary person.
Class: Enlightened.
Category: Rare | Available: 807/807
The Enlightened are occupied with cultivating skills and abilities that may free them from their existence as a glitch in the network. They look for a way out but have developed many skills that allow them to bend the rules of the network. The Enlightened can use fewer resources to achieve the same goal and can even be at two different locations at the same time.
Class: Exploreres
Category: Rare | Available: 522/522
Explorers love discovering all the secrets of the network. Knowing all the best shortcuts and having a vast understanding of the terrain within the network makes them masterful tacticians and strategists. They are also proficient survivalists who know where to extract valuable resources and defend themselves should they ever find trouble.
Class: Zombies.
Category: Rare | Available: 520/520
The Zombies are the glitched among the glitches. Something went terribly wrong when their bodies died in the real world. Their complete identity was never transcribed to the glitch version of themselves. Fragmented and broken pieces of their former self, they are mostly shunned by the other groups.
Class: Founders.
Category: Legendary | Available: 65/65
The founders were the pillars from which all social interactions and institutions within the network originated. With their extensive knowledge of the network, they can significantly enhance their allies' health and strength and even heal the wounded. Their solid convictions and social skills give them the ability to rally together all allied forces and lead them through the battle.
Class: Gas Thieves.
Category: Legendary | Available: 110/110
Gas thieves are masterful hackers with a vast amount of technological skills. They have the powerful ability to steal the transaction fees of any transaction within the network. They are a nightmare to the Miners. The Gas Thieves contribute to the wealth of the shadow cartels that run the black markets of the network
Class: Rogues.
Category: Epic | Available: 295/295
Never underestimate the powerful children of the shadows. Deadly assassins, wrapped in silence and cloaked in darkness, you may never see a Rogue approaching before it is too late. Masters of daggers and misdirection, Rogues swiftly and stealthily dispatch their opponents. With a high natural affinity for thievery and sleight of hand, they lighten your precious bag of Lost Tokens without you ever knowing.
Class: Prophets.
Category: Epic | Available: 421/421
Instead of reading the source code or seeing it, the Prophet can feel and experience the network as if it was a living entity. They can use the whispers of the network to their advantage by knowing which one of all possible future happenings will come true. If they are in the company of one of the Immortals, the Prophets can act as a bridge and make some of the immortal's power, albeit less powerful, available to the more common glitches.
Class: Conquerors.
Category: Epic | Available: 755/755
Conquerors are the ultimate juiced-up powerhouses of the Deep Sky Network. They can often be found working as security details, bodyguards and bouncers. On the battlefield, they are extremely powerful vanguards that can cut a path straight through enemy lines. Their armour, made from a shiny and valuable precious metal alloy, allows them to withstand even the most brutal enemy blows.
Name: Vederz Asterius.
Category: Hero | Available 20/20
The extremely powerful and secretive leader of The Immortals faction and the father of Ephira.
 Upon realization that his daughter’s abilities to manipulate and transfer powers from the ethereum source stones to other Immortals, are even greater than his own, he groomed Ephira to take over his role. He is obsessed with consolidating power within the Deep Sky Network for the total dominance of The Immortals. Even though he loves his daughter, he has been a distant and somewhat patronizing father to her.
Class: Players.
Category: Rare | Available: 861/861
Players are hedonic, happy-go-lucky types who prefer not to get involved in other people's business. However, put to the test, they are skilful warriors who can use exploits and other cheats on their opponents to turn the tide of battle in their favour. They can modify and enhance their own and other classes' weapons and skills by selecting hacking tools.
Name: Daphne Caracci.
Category: Leader | Available 10/10
The leader of the Adamant Hands syndicate. A highly effective and frightfully clever business woman with close ties to the corporate elites of the Deep Sky Network. She used her connections to acquire unique time distortion technology, which she uses in her ultimate form as a timeshift manipulatrix. Daphne has the ability to warp time around her for up to three seconds.
Class: Pioneers
Category: Common | Available: 1000/1000
The Pioneers were among the first people to become glitched but were so horrified by their new existence and shunned it so much that they never developed their distinctive skills like other groups have. They are jack of all trades but masters of none.
Class: Mind Readers.
Category: Epic | Available: 474/474
Mind readers are always a step ahead of their enemy because they are able to perceive their next moves. Their sensing of the near future makes them a formidable enemy to be reckoned with. Some are also said to be so advanced that they are able to implant thoughts and actions into another target. This skill enables the mind reader to command enemies like a puppet master and even get enemies to turn on their own team.
Class: BTC Pirates.
Category: Legendary | Available: 100/100
Pirates run the black markets of the Deep Sky Network. Their anti-authority and powerful decentralization stance has made the group a thorn in the side of the corporations. They can often be found working hand in hand with the gas thieves to siphon away the riches of the mighty and redistributing them among the ordinary people.
Name: Asahi Nomura.
Category: Leader | Available 10/10
The leader of the Sentinels of Eternity syndicate. He was the former leader of one of Japan’s biggest clans, de facto ruling the country for many years. His ultimate form, the shogun is a testimony to his powerful ambitions within the Deep Sky Network. Asahi is a brilliant master tactician, a disciplined strategist and a mighty military commander overlooking and ruling the battlefield. He is the father of legendary motorcycle champion and daredevil Hoshi Nomura.
Class: Nomads.
Category: Rare | Available: 605/605
Nomads live on the fringes of the technological societies and groups of the network. They have the ability to move almost unseen by the other groups, so much so that it takes a nomad to perceive another nomad. Because of how easily and unhindered the nomads can move through the network, they are often involved with smuggling illegal or stolen goods to the black markets of the Deep Sky Network.
Name: Ephira Asterius.
Category: Hero | Available: 20/20
The ambitious, affectionate and mysterious leader of the Guardians of the Source syndicate. The Guardians view the other four syndicates as disruptors and distorters of the life force of an ever-changing supreme being, that is the Deep Sky Network itself. Ephira is a child prodigy gifted with a unique affinity and ability to understand and wield the power of the source. Her gift allows her to extract hidden energies within the source crystals to bestow all kinds of extraordinary abilities to her allies. In her ultimate form she becomes a mighty avatar of the source with all-encompassing and omnipotent powers.
Class: Punks.
Category: Legendary | Available: 75/75
Through their sheer charisma, Punks can incite the crowds to revolt against the social ills of the network, mainly brought about by powerful corporations that exploit vulnerable individuals and poison the network with their garbage. They use the power of sarcastic disobedience to sway the masses in order to topple the enslavers at the top of the network's food chain.
Name: Dareion Magdy.
Category: Leader | Available 10/10
The mighty leader of the Curators Maxima syndicate. Always striving for the maximum, his mantra is you either go hard or you go home! With his imposing and colossal body, he is a force to be reckoned with. Dareion hits extra hard to usher the souls of his opponents into the afterlife, reminiscent of the underworld deity Anubis, which is reflected in his ultimate form as the jackal god.
Name: Elaine Jones.
Category: Leader | Available 10/10
The enigmatic and powerful leader of the Song of the Chain syndicate. Her organization is deeply involved with researching the mysterious connections between science and sound, attempting to understand the number pi and its strange effects on the Deep Sky Network. Don’t be fooled though, she might be a science and sound prodigy, but in a fight she has the ability to take on the form of a super-charged and deadly Cyborg!
Class: Miners.
Category: Epic | Available: 454/454
Miners are sturdy and exceptionally strong folks who can be found in the most profound and long-forgotten layers of the Deep Sky Network, sifting and mining through old data mines for precious strings of hash codes that they can combine to create any cryptocurrency they desire. In battle, a genuine and selfless team player, a miner's steadfastness and strength can shield other more vulnerable classes from harm by focusing the enemy's attention and majority of blows upon themself.
Name: Hoshi Nomura.
Category: Hero | Available: 20/20
Hoshi - the daughter of Asahi Nomura, former leader of the notorious and powerful Nomura clan and the current leader of the Sentinels of Eternity. A syndicate of glitches whose roots go back to samurais, the bushido code and reincarnation. Sentinels of Eternity regard themselves reborn in the Deep Sky and not glitched. Their warriors are loyal to a practical and spiritual guide, having constant awareness of death and preparation for sacrifice to fulfil their calling.
Class: Dreamers.
Category: Epic | Available: 172/172
With their high and mighty imagination, Dreamers can change the reality around them to suit any needs they may have. This ability is due to having reached an extraordinarily high level of lucidity, which lets Dreamers bend the rules of the Deep Sky Network by mentally tapping into its source code and changing conditions to their advantage. Some are even adept enough to use their abilities to manifest weapons and other equipment out of thin air.
Class: Diamond Minds.
Category: Rare | Available: 693/693
Mostly unaffected by the other classes psionic skills, the Diamond Minds, through deep cultivation of meditative practices, are entirely immune to any mental intrusions. They are often entrusted to carry important access codes, valuable data or other vital secrets by the corporations and syndicates of the network. Their highly refined minds let them use psionic attacks against their opponents on the battlefield.
Class: Mages.
Category: Epic | Available: 307/307
Having achieved mastery over the elemental forces, Mages are mighty and dangerous damage dealers. Their high intelligence lets them combine specific skills to cause devastating area effects that can wipe out an entire vanguard of the enemy. Imagine ice-cold rain being cast into enemy frontlines only to be set alight by chain lightning moments later. They also possess the ability to change conditions around them in their favour. Door locked? No passageway? The mage will cast a portal that bends the rules of the network.
Class: Hodlers.
Category: Legendary | Available: 86/86
With an unshakable optimistic belief that borders blind faith, the Hodler intuitively knows how to avoid enemy blows in the heat of the battle. Through their solid convictions and positivity, they are strengthening and securing all the other members within their chosen syndicate. Under the right conditions, the Hodler can assume their ultimate form in the shape of a mega whale that rolls over enemy forces and crushes them into tiny bits and bloody satoshis.
Class: Visionaries.
Category: Rare | Available: 844/844
Visionaries have the ability to look into the future as well as the past, and are feared as unrelenting interrogators who will get to the truth no matter what. On the battlefield, they can sense from which side the main enemy's attack will come. People who have lost valuable assets often employ them because their visionary skills make them masters at retrieving the needed information to locate items.