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experienced team building world class game
Lead Illustrator
Exceptionally talented Lead illustrator, graphic/motion designer, and former Innovation Team Leader at The Saga School of Art, Game, and Animation.
Game Director
Game Director of the Lost Glitches game with extended experience in technical direction and game design of multi-platform games. True TCG master. Favorite deck type: Aggro.
Characters and Environment Artist
2d artist with experience in game art development, specifically in character design. Familiar with the game pipeline, he has already helped in the production of several indie projects and now is one of the most important parts of the Lost Glitches team.
Environment Artist
Author of the original artworks in The Lost Glitches 10 000 collection and of the Deep Sky Collection. Highly skilled illustrator also working with Franklin on the game concepts.
Lead Developer
Lead Developer of the Lost Glitches game. Has led previous development teams for successful multiplayer games across all consoles. Hardcore TCG player with over 20 years of experience.
Founder of multiple companies and experienced Creative Director. Specially passionate about TCG and MMORPG gaming. Ethereum Blockchain enthusiast.
Co-Founder of The Lost Glitches. Accounting and Marketing. NFT collectibles enthusiast and experienced MMORPG gamer. Favorite class: Warlocks.
Lead Game Designer
Highly experienced Game and Level Designer, with excellent knowledge in systemic design and immersive gameplay.
3D Environment Artist
3D artist with 14 years of professional experience. Has worked on IPs like Sea of Thieves and Dead Rising 4, Evgeniy specializes in real-time 3d for desktop/mobile games.
Community Manager
Highly skilled customer relationship professional and creative contributor. Passionate gamer, VR enthusiast and adventurer. Eats gender norms for breakfast.
Game Producer
Exceptionally talented Creative Producer of interdisciplinary projects, with over ten years experience in project coordination.
Asahi. Co-Founder of The Lost Glitches. The most mysterious person of the project.
Polychains Monsters
Blockchain / Technical Implementation Support
Blockchain Development & Integration by PolychainsMonsters one of the most successful projects in the crypto space.
Blockchain / Technical Implementation Support
Elbstack is a software engineering & design company with a wide spectrum of skills and experience.