// Crafted By Gaming Industry Veterans
At The Lost Glitches, we're proud to have a team that includes industry veterans who have played pivotal roles in the success of renowned titles developed by industry giants like ArenaNet, Nintendo, EA Games, Facebook and other prominent players in the gaming space. These pros are a crucial part of our crew, using their wealth of experience to help shape the future of our game. Their collective experience not only enriches our team but also adds substantial value to The Lost Glitches IP we've created and continue to explore.
Founder of multiple companies with over a decade of invaluable experience in Copyright Management, Creative Direction, and effective Team Leadership Particularly passionate about TCG and MMORPG gaming. Favorite book: The Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson.
Game Director
Game Director of the Lost Glitches game with extended experience in technical direction and game design of multi-platform games. A true TCG master and the creator of award-winning titles in the gaming industry. Favorite deck type: Aggro
Head of Publishing and Marketing
Experienced senior executive in entertainment, gaming, and CPG industries. Former Sr. Director of Platform Marketing at PlayStation, led the successful PlayStation 4 launch. Previous roles at EuropaCorp, 20th Century Fox, DreamWorks Animation, Nintendo, and Unilever.
Director of Design
22 years of experience in Game Design, Production, and Team Management. Previously worked on EA, Tencent, Amazon, ArenaNET, Wargaming as Game Director and Director of Design. He’s worked on some amazing games like Guild Wars 2.
Co-Founder and Content Manager
Co-Founder and our key player in shaping our content strategy, ensuring quality and timely publication. Yuliya is engaging with the community, gathering feedback, and staying updated with industry trends. She also leads video content production and manages external partnerships.
Co-Founder and Platform Coordinator
Asahi. Co-Founder of The Lost Glitches. The most mysterious person of the project. A highly skilled Platform & Community Coordinator, well-versed in the intricacies of managing platforms and fostering vibrant communities. With a strong command of platforms like WordPress, Discord, and other essential tools for effective community building.
Characters and Environment Artist
2d artist with experience in game art development, specifically in character design. Familiar with the game pipeline, he has already helped in the production of several indie projects and now is one of the most important parts of the Lost Glitches team.
Characters Artist
A versatile generalist illustrator with a rich and diverse artistic background, adept at bringing a wide range of creative visions to life. Zai is with a deep reservoir of artistic skills and techniques, a master at adapting her style to suit any project and trends.
Lead Illustrator
Exceptionally talented Lead illustrator, graphic/motion designer, and former Innovation Team Leader at The Saga School of Art, Game, and Animation.
Lead Developer
Lead Developer of the Lost Glitches game. Has led previous development teams for successful multiplayer games across all consoles. Hardcore TCG player with over 20 years of experience.
Game Developer
Experienced game developer with a passion for creating complex game systems with a clear and flexible architecture. Avid TCG player since childhood. Minmaxer.
Lead Game Designer
Highly experienced Game and Level Designer, with excellent knowledge in systemic design and immersive gameplay.
3d Character Artist
Passionate 3d character artist. Has worked on triple AAA titles for Capcom, as well as independent games in the field of cinematic art and look development.
3D Environment Artist
3D artist with 14 years of professional experience. Has worked on IPs like Sea of Thieves and Dead Rising 4, Evgeniy specializes in real-time 3d for desktop/mobile games.
Community Manager
Highly skilled customer relationship professional and creative contributor. Passionate gamer, VR enthusiast and adventurer. Eats gender norms for breakfast.
Game Producer
Exceptionally talented Creative Producer of interdisciplinary projects, with over ten years experience in project coordination.
2D VFX Artist
Dmitriy brings a world of enchantment to life with his extensive experience in 2D visual effects. With a creative spark that ignites every project, he has a profound understanding of organic aesthetics, seamlessly blending fantasy with reality.
Visual Development Artist
Professional artist since 2013. Graphic design for motion reels, and developing concept art for 3d mapping and visual installations. Environment concept art, production design.
Project Advisor
Founder of multiple companies and crypto projects, including Polychain Monsters. Extremely experienced developer, especially in smart contracts. Specifically passionate about DeFi and NFTs.
Lead Blockchain Dev
Co-Founder of elbstack GmbH (2015) and Tixl gGmbH (2019). Solid knowledge in cryptography and cryptocurrencies. Development and implementation of new blockchain technologies.
DevOps Engineer
Mike has been in the professional IT business for more than 20 years. Co-founder and CEO of ROCKNITIVE, he takes care of the infrastructure and helps conceptualise the product ideas and development.