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The Lost Glitches – Short Storyline Description.

1618 years ago, in the year 2134, a virus brought back to Earth from the first human expedition to Mars wiped out 40% of the planet’s population and plunged the world into chaos and disarray. Humanity, ever resilient and capable of adapting to new situations and environments, banded together to salvage, repair and improve upon that which had been lost. The era became known as the “RE:initialization”. One day, researchers found out that the survivors of the pandemic had developed an immune response that due to its fundamental structure was called the “pi cells”. Upon further study, an exceptional characteristic of these cells was uncovered: They were in constant communication with each other, exchanging information across bodies on a global scale.

The pi cell mystery captured the imagination of the brightest minds of the planet and lead to the creation of a new technology that harnessed their communication mechanism. In the year 1618 after the “Re:initialization”, a breakthrough experiment was conducted to further study and test the new technology. It was called The Deep Sky Network, a metaverse that people could connect to and it was hailed as the next big step forward in mankind’s evolution.

Unfortunately, something went horribly wrong: One day a glitch caused a very large number of people to die in the real world, but they were not fully gone! Their minds somehow survived their bodies’ deaths and were permanently transferred into the Deep Sky Network. It affected anyone who connected to the network for longer than 3 days, 1 hour, 41 minutes and 59 seconds without breaking the connection, giving the mysterious but deadly glitch the name the “pi effect”. Safeguards that prevented more people from dying were quickly introduced but the ones who were already affected were lost in the depths of virtual reality, never to return to the real world again.

They died in the real world but still live on in the virtual reality as mental ghosts, binary shadows of what they used to be. They are called The Lost Glitches!

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Kyra | The Moment of Glitching.

First Set of Cards – Memories.

The first set of 400 cards called “Memories” is dedicated to the lost memories of all Glitches. An experiment gone wrong, a mistake that leads to a virtual world made of collective memories that merge into one.

Memory, a limited resource, is often insufficient to allow those lost in Deep Sky to reconstruct their individual memories. Glitches form connections, syndicates, and divide Deep Sky into territories. These territories reflect the limited memories of the glitches as they remember their world, but fragmented and stitched together. The larger the territory conquested, the more memory a syndicate has available to remember and reconstruct.

The inhabitants of Deep Sky meet at the borders of these territories to fight. Each victory adds to the territory of the syndicate. Even if it’s just a pixel on the grid, it’s a priceless memory for a glitch.

Lost Glitches is a mixture of trading card game (TCG) and role-playing game (RPG). Players choose their syndicate, assemble their deck and gain experience to improve their character’s skills and equipment, and eventually conquer the virtual world of Deep Sky.

They can trade cards on the marketplace or trade their full leveled character with all the items attached to it at once.

Core Idea of the Lost Glitches.

PVP TOURNAMENTS: Battle in PvP tournaments and compete with other players across the globe. Or play Ranked Games with your friends and earn amazing rewards and unlock weekly quests to make your character even more powerful!

EARN REWARDS: Cards, companions, skills animations, quest stories and fantastic cosmetics get unlocked the more you play and the better you become. Jump into the battle now and start levelling up your reputation and that of your Syndicate!

COLLECT CARDS: Collect and customise your cards. Classic sets of cards will become available to build a unique collection. And if you are a collector we have something very special for you as well in the Collector Edition Booster Packs.

OWN YOUR CARDS: You are the true owner of your cards! Tokenise your cards as NFTs and trade them with other players for crypto, our in-game currency to spend on more cards for your collection to reinforce your character!


The game consists of five syndicates. Each syndicate is fundamentally different from the others. When a player selects a syndicate, he chooses a particular game type that best suits his style. Certain character skills are more common in one syndicate than another, making the play style more distinct. The characters, skills, and cards of each syndicate are based on cultural and historical references, giving each syndicate not only a game direction, but also an aesthetic, visual, and conceptual coherence and consistency. 


The Leaders | 5 Syndicate Leaders.

Sentinels of Eternity | Leader – Asahi Nomura.

A syndicate of glitches whose roots go back to samurais, the bushido code and reincarnation. Sentinels of Eternity regard themselves reborn in the Deep Sky and not glitched. Their warriors are loyal to a practical and spiritual guide, having constant awareness of death and preparation for sacrifice to fulfil their calling. Their efforts to expand their sphere of influence on Deep Sky aim to achieve a transcendent state of freedom, serving the master who is the collective self.

Sentinels of Eternity have a defensive playing style, inspired by cybersecurity techniques. They can cast firewalls and sinkholes early on, staying protected while they gather mana to cast their own strong creatures. Sentinels of Eternity are great in long game sessions, able to deplete an opponent’s resources until they cast an unstoppable attack.

Curators Maxima | Leader – Dareion Magdy.

A syndicate of glitches whose roots go back to shamans, hunting, tribalism and ecological management. Curators Maxima fetch glitches from the battleground and introduce a sophisticated system of resources management and sacrifice to introduce sustainability in the Deep Sky. They are fighting to expand their sphere of influence and preserve the ancient memories and traditions they accumulated in the real world on the Deep Sky Grid.

Curators Maxima’s playing style is inspired by DDoS attacks and worm viruses. They are strong in numbers and can spawn multiple glitches in one round. Curators Maxima are great in early game, able to take an opponent in a few rounds.

Adamant Hands | Leader – Daphne Caracci.

A syndicate of glitches whose roots are of modern urbanism, network theory and decentralisation. Adamant Hands perceive Deep Sky as the amalgamation of cellular clusters of intertwined and highly functional enclaves. Their glitches start as solo fighters that gradually form ghettos who can take full advantage of the infrastructure networks of Deep Sky. Adamant Hands has a new vision of a gigacity, dense and systemic without segregation and borders.

Adamant Hand’s playing style is inspired by trojan viruses. Their attacks are stealthy and deal burst damage. Adamant Hands are strong in mid-game where the delayed damage of their trojan attacks and sacrifice takes effect.

Song of The Chain | Leader – Elaine Jones.

A syndicate of glitches whose roots go back to mysticism, the occult and esotericism. Song of the chain glitches perceive themselves freed of social norms, beliefs and restrictions of the real world. Deep Sky provides the foundation for those glitches to bypass their false desires and habits and genuinely accomplish what they were meant to accomplish without expectations and motivation. Song of the Chain aim to abolish all other syndicates from Deep Sky, rejecting the existence of absolutes and establishing chaos as an agnostic attitude to achieve true will.

Song of the Chain has a passive-aggressive playing style, inspired by ransomware. Their opponent is faced with dilemmas to choose between two evils (e.g. lose a life or discard a card, sacrifice a creature or lose one mana). Song of the Chain has a weak early game attack, but if played right can accumulate to some serious damage quite fast.

Soundtrack of the 5th Syndicate.

Guardians of The Source | Leader – Ephira Asterius.

A syndicate of glitches whose roots go back to omniscience, tantric spiritualism, karma and systemic meditation. Guardians of the Source are pleasant when silent but are forced to awaken their most legendary and fierce glitches to protect the supreme entity, which is the networks of the Deep Sky. Through collective awareness, these glitches initially aim to stabilize the grid of the Deep Sky before revealing its true nature. Guardians of the Source recognise that everything is impermanent and that the competing syndicates disrupt the ultimate existence of an ever-changing essence.

Guardians of the Source have a defensive playing style, which uses the opponent’s power to their disadvantage, inspired by telecommunications hacking (phreaking) of the 1960s – 1970s. They are terrific in mid-game play, while they deplete and abuse the opponent’s resources from early on.


MACWindows standalone Steam Epic Store Q1 2024 Release for mobile and consoles will follow

2D Concept | Battleground of the Curators Maxima Syndicate. See 3D version in the trailer.

Game Mechanics.

At its core, Lost Glitches is a collectible card game inspired by popular games of the genre. Players take turns playing their “glitches” and “software” during their turn, using up their available energy (mana). To keep the gameplay strategic and engaging, players can still play cards during the opponent’s turn.

Players also have the option to equip and upgrade “Remnants”. These are cultural artifacts from before Deep Sky, objects that contain particularly powerful memories. Remnants serve as special abilities that can be used during gameplay. 

Availability: Although Remnants are always available to players, they can only be played when their conditions are met.

Cost: In addition to conditions, “Remnants” also have a game cost, which are tokens collected when an effect is triggered.

Levels: Remnants have multiple levels that are unlocked throughout the game. Higher levels have extensive game conditions and costs. 

Game UI | Character Selection Screen.

Unique Features.

Lost Glitches brings together two popular genres – collectible card games and role-playing games – in a unique way. Your character’s experience and rank increase with each victory. Players can choose how to upgrade their “Remnants” and customize their gameplay. Players* can use “Remnants” strategically along with cards to create powerful combinations that can provide the decisive advantage.

Another key element of Lost Glitches is the number of slots available on the board. Each player can play no more than five “glitches”. A “Glitch” can be sacrificed at any time, and some cards benefit from this by triggering a series of events and abilities.

Lear the basics | Click here.

Lost Glitches will be developed as a “live service game” where we plan to regularly release new DLC content in the form of mapsets and campaigns, starting with a private beta in the first quarter of 2023.


The development of “Lost Glitches” focuses on inclusivity. This is reflected not only in the art, creating characters of all body types, orientations, races and people with disabilities, but also in the technical implementation. This means the possibility of adjusting the text size, fully customizable controls, appropriate color blindness modes that adjust the colors of the playing field and improve the contrast of the cards, and a menu narration for visually impaired players.

Inclusivity | Example of the characters.

About Our Team.

Our team is very diverse. We have members from Germany, South Africa, Canada, Greece, USA, Russia, Bulgaria, Brazil and Indonesia. At this moment, the team consists of 20 people.

The game has been in development for just over a year now. We showcased a working prototype in Q2 2022 and released the game trailer that you can see below or on Youtube here. This features actual recordings of the gameplay from Unity and gives you a realistic view of how the game will look. We have a creative team of five talented artists, who have created the unique visual language of Lost Glitches.

It’s important for us to deliver fun gameplay with amazing artworks and not just the regular grind experience!

We’ve been developing video games for over 10 years. Honig Studios (Mimunga Gaming after merging and forming a new larger game studio) released its previous game “El Hijo” (2020) for PC, Switch, Playstation, Xbox, Stadia, iOS, and Android, which received several awards (Gamescom best indie game, German Computer Game Award, Goldener Spatz) and positive reviews.

Previous Honig Studios titles have also received critical acclaim and awards such as the Red Dot Design Award, a Digital Emmy nomination, the GIGA Mouse, etc.

Game Trailer.

Below our latest trailer with footage from our working prototype after one year of development:


Market Review.

Role-playing games are one of the most popular genres on Steam, and “Roguelike Deckbuilder” games are by far the most popular category, ranking in the top 5 for average sales between 2019 and 2022 among indie and AA games. There have only been 99 games released in this genre in the last 3 years, the audience here seems insatiable and there are not enough developers making deckbuilder games. Lost Glitches lies in the intersection of these genres.

In August 2021, even before the collaboration with Honig Studios, 10,000 exclusive NFTs for Lost Glitches were sold, securing funding for the production of the game.

Starting in Q1 2023, we will gradually release and test private beta versions for the community to improve gameplay based on their feedback and grow our player base. 

“Lost Glitches” is at its core a multiplayer game with high replayability value. During our private beta testing in Q1 2023 we will establish if the first set “Memory” of 400 cards will be free to play or for sale.

We’re intending to release a limited, exclusive collection of booster packs during December 2022.

Booster Packs.

Booster packs will be available in 3 different prices, $1.99, $9.99 and $14.99. Each booster has a different probability to contain exclusive or collectors cards.

<strong>Bronze Pack<strong> | Price $199
<strong>Silver Pack<strong> | Price $999
<strong>Gold Pack<strong> | Price $1499

Opening Animation | Silver Booster Pack.

Classic Cards – are the foundation of the game. The expressive, detailed yet at the same time minimalistic artwork allows you to quickly read and play the card, while also giving each card a unique flavour. You can earn and unlock classic cards by fully exploring the game world and progressing through the game’s many exciting and challenging quests and also by winning spine-tingling PvP matches, or you can buy them in one of our booster packs.

Exclusive Cards – get ready to shine with exclusive cards! Exclusive cards are cool and shiny holo versions of the classic edition of cards, they have special effects on them that are visible to you on the card artwork and on the battlefield for your opponent. The exclusive artwork of these cards adds swagger and style to your deck and lets them stand out from your other cards. You can get them by buying one of our booster packs and you will also be able to earn exclusive cards by joining and winning tournaments.

Collector’s Cards – the ultimate way to show off your status as a true TCG fan and join the top collector ranks of The Lost Glitches. By obtaining collector cards you will join an exclusive club of TCG connoisseurs and cement your status as a true appreciator and aficionado in the community and beyond! All collector cards will be holo, feature breathtaking animations, special effects, different art styles and accentuate themselves with dramatic and expressive backgrounds.

You can look forward to a delightful display of our artists skills in character design ingenuity and animation! Imagine having a full set of these vibrant, unique and limited pieces of art! These cards are for true collectors, our most loyal and passionate fans and people who seek out super exclusive cards!

You can earn Collectors cards and $LOST tokens by joining and winning tournaments or by opening booster packs.

Game UI | Companion Selection Screen.

Players will also be able to personalize their game with cosmetic items such as companions, sleeves, equipment, card frames and animated cards, some of which they can also trade. The price depends on the rarity of the cosmetic item. 

In addition, in Lost Glitches there will be regular multiplayer events, tournaments, in which players will be able to compete for various rewards. There will also be a fee for participating in these events.

Game UI | Game Mode Selection Screen.

“Lost Glitches” lays the foundation for Mimunga Gaming Studios’ long-term vision. To develop a game that goes beyond the initial sales window and evolves into an ongoing IP with a loyal community and regular collaborations with external partners.

After the initial release of the game, Mimunga Gaming will develop additional card sets that illustrate more cards and add more game mechanics to the game. This allows part of the team to continue working on Lost Glitches, while the rest can test new ideas and concepts. Sharing and transparency with the community will continue to be a focus to grow the game’s audience and keep retention and engagement high. “Lost Glitches” is designed to allow collaboration with external partners to co-create mapsets and companions with other IPs. 

These will establish Mimunga Gaming as a brand in the international landscape and help us grow and learn as a team.

Funding and VC.

We already had several successful drops which funded the game. In June 2022 we successfully closed the production of the game prototype. Since then we’ve been developing the technical infrastructure of the server and blockchain and applied for additional state funding for the further production of the game. Our next step is to drop the first booster packs around first week of December, 2022.

We successfully funded the game via our initial 10K PFP NFT collection, The Lost Glitches which sold out in August, 2021 – earning us 750E (roughly $2.4mm at time of sale) to put towards the project’s development, as well as from the royalties earned from 1500E in secondary sales (roughly $5M total traded volume).

On top of that we’re excited to announce that the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure | @BMWK has funded our game with €431.612,00! This funding will help us expand and scale our team to build the best game possible. It will finance the development of exciting new features, events, quests and campaigns that we will be announcing during the course of the development.

We are now starting discussions for the first external funding round and are open for exciting partnerships and proposals.


The Lost token is the fair-launched ERC-20 utility token of The Lost Glitches game and wider ecosystem, in game it will be used to unlock rewards and in the greater ecosystem we will continue to look for innovative ways to integrate it into our Deep Sky World.

$LOST Token | Utilities.

Solid tokenomics is a crucial aspect for the success of a crypto project. We have seen in the past that several play-to-earn games have not been able to develop sustainable tokenomics. High play-to-earn rewards through token minting only work as long as the user base can grow. In developing the tokenomics for the $LOST token, we had in mind to create a sustainable model.

$LOST can be minted over time through the use of Glitches NFTs in staking. The intention is to reduce the minting rate along the way (similar to Bitcoin halving). Also, the $LOST token can be used to purchase in-game items. A sufficient mint/game-usage ratio is key to a successful $LOST token.

There are a variety of in-game utilities:

  • Mint new NFTs that are playable and tradable.
  • Purchasing items in the game store with $LOST.
  • Buy booster packs to unlock more cards to play or trade.
  • Buy tickets for PvP Tournaments.
  • Mint regular cards to NFTs.
  • Hire in game NPCs to help you with missions.

And more.

$LOST Token Supply Summary | Fair-Launch.

  • No-pre minted tokens.
  • No team tokens.
  • No pre-sale.

  • 32% Play to Earn Rewards
  • 20% LOST Treasury & Further Incentives
  • 16% Community & Ecosystem Fund
  • 14% Marketing and Collabs
  • 10% Dev Fund
  • 8% NFT Staking
  • Reward for Comic minters (5,000,000 $LOST, 500 $LOST per Comic).
  • Airdrop to existing NFT community (100,000 $LOST, 10 $LOST per Glitch).
  • Each Glitch earns you 1 $LOST per day, but as a special feature, collectors with more than 1 Glitch will be rewarded with minting multipliers.

More information about the minting of the new $LOST:

$LOST Token | Play-To-Earn Rewards.

While our team focuses on fun and exciting gameplay first, building a proper play-to-earn rewards system in our ecosystem is critical. With a proper rewards system, we will be able to attract more players to participate in the gaming events such as PvP Tournaments and Quests or motivate them to collect and trade more cards from our collection. We will allocate 32% for a mixture of Play to Earn campaigns such as:

  • Weekend Ranked PvP Event.
  • Daily Quests.
  • Exclusive Quests for NFTs holders.
  • Seasonal PvP Tournaments.
  • Exclusive Events.
  • Collectors Rewards.
  • Achievements Rewards.

$LOST Token | Treasury & Further Incentives.

The LOST tokens in the treasury are planned for the long term. These tokens can be used to spend some additional tokens as needed to further improve the game ecosystem.

$LOST Token | Community & Ecosystem Fund.

An active community is being built around the game. 16% of the total supply will be used to encourage the community to build the ecosystem together.

$LOST Token | Marketing & Collaborations.

Marketing is crucial to the success of any project. Therefore, we have allocated 14% of token supply for marketing expenses and collaborations. When it comes to marketing, a wide variety of things are planned, from small Twitter accounts, to Crypto & NFT influencers with wide reach, to live streaming of the game on Twitch and other channels.

The Lost Glitches | Objectives.

The Lost Glitches combines the excitement of deck building games with exhilarating RPG mechanics, to create a unique experience that targets both casual and experienced players. At its core, The Lost Glitches is a multiplayer play-to-earn trading card game with an emphasis on fun, re-playability, immersive storytelling and ownership of collectables.

Our objective is to provide a premium experience for players and develop a game that delivers versatile and rewarding experiences while providing fun and entertainment without becoming repetitive or feeling like an endless grind. Besides a strong focus on PvP multiplayer aspects, the game will also feature beginner-friendly tutorials, singleplayer campaigns, quests and competitive events like tournaments where players can connect and put their skills to the test against other players.

What’s more is that besides creating and immersing players in the unique and rich atmosphere of the Deep Sky Network world, we also want to make education and on-boarding new players to web3 a fun and easy to understand experience. To this end, we are building a scalable service game that will act as a bridge between traditional gaming and web3 experiences. The Lost Glitches does not require a crypto wallet to play, yet it will educate and invite players to create one and help newcomers to easily understand how to mint their own collection of game assets, so that the trading, buying and selling of cards and other collectables becomes an easy to understand, fun and seamless experience.

The educative aspect of our game will happen through a comprehensive system of tutorials, quests and special educational events. We will for example create a combination of fun and exciting events where players create and register their first crypto wallets, followed by a chain of events that results in them receiving their first crypto and minting their first NFTs. We will not only onboard more people to web3 but also provide education and teach valuable skills that our community can greatly benefit from when trading their NFTs with other Lost Glitches players on the marketplace but also teach and provide valuable skills and knowledge for their crypto and NFT journey going forward into the future!



The game is developed using Unity utilizing its peer-to-peer multiplayer service, relay. Relay is a relatively new technology from Unity, which we’ve been using for over a year while it was still in private beta. We worked together with the multiplayer and technology team of Unity to make sure the service is suitable to our needs. Server integration including a NoSQL database is currently being prepared to enable a cross-platform experience to our users.

Unity | Screenshot of The Lost Glitches from Unity game scene.


Our community consists of people from all walks of life, from across many different nations and continents worldwide. A lot of our members have been with us since mint date, the official launch of our project, and many others have joined us along the way. Our goal is to foster a space where everyone feels welcome and free to express themselves and to provide people with opportunities to meaningfully connect with each other. To that end, we will never tire and we will keep on building and delivering premium experiences with heart and soul. We enjoy and appreciate actively engaging with our community, receiving their invaluable feedback, as well as knowing how eagerly they are awaiting our game. It gives us the fuel we need to continue building, to fulfil and then exceed everyone’s expectations upon delivery!

Discord | Join us here.

Blockchain Dev Partners:



Ecosystem and Tokenomics Advisors.

Ecosystem and Tokenomics support by Polychain Monsters one of the most successful projects in the crypto space


Blockchain / Technical Implementation Support

Rocknitive is a software engineering & design company with a wide spectrum of skills and experience.

Our blockchain development is done by the team at Rocknitive (previously Elbstack):

These are some of the same developers who have worked on one of the most successful crypto gaming projects called Polychain Monsters.

They are working alongside our game developers to integrate the blockchain into our game as well as being responsible for all the other blockchain related work, such as our tokenomics and NFT launches.


Alexey | Founder.

Founder of multiple companies and experienced Creative Director. Specially passionate about TCG and MMORPG gaming. Ethereum Blockchain enthusiast.

Jiannis | Game Director.

Game Director of the Lost Glitches with extended experience in technical direction and game design of multi-platform games. True TCG master. Favorite deck type: Aggro.

Yuliya | Co-Founder.

Co-Founder of The Lost Glitches. Accounting and Marketing. NFT collectibles enthusiast and experienced MMORPG gamer. Favorite class: Warlocks.

Leo | Characters and Environment Artist.

2d artist with experience in game art development, specifically in character design. Familiar with the game pipeline, he has already helped in the production of several indie projects and now is one of the most important parts of the Lost Glitches team.

Christian | Lead Blockchain Dev.

Co-Founder of elbstack GmbH (2015) and Tixl gGmbH (2019). Solid knowledge in cryptography and cryptocurrencies. Development and implementation of new blockchain technologies

Franklin | Characters and VFX Artist.

Exceptionally talented illustrator, graphic/motion designer, and former Innovation Team Leader at The Saga School of Art, Game, and Animation.

Zai | Characters and Assets Designer.

Author of the original artworks in The Lost Glitches 10 000 collection and of the Deep Sky Collection. Highly skilled illustrator also working with Franklin on the game concepts.

Lukas | Lead Game Developer.

Lead Developer of the Lost Glitches game. Has led previous development teams for successful multiplayer games across all consoles. Hardcore TCG player with over 20 years of experience.

Vincent | Lead Game Designer.

Highly experienced Game and Level Designer, with excellent knowledge in systemic design and immersive gameplay.

Evgeniy | 3D Environment Artist.

3D artist with 14 years of professional experience. Has worked on IPs like Sea of Thieves and Dead Rising 4, Evgeniy specializes in real-time 3d for desktop/mobile games.
Nia Ava
Nia | Community Manager.

Highly skilled customer relationship professional and creative contributor. Passionate gamer, VR enthusiast and adventurer. Eats gender norms for breakfast.

Fede | Game Producer.

Exceptionally talented Creative Producer of interdisciplinary projects, with over ten years experience in project coordination.

Annaelle | Software Engineer.

Very experienced software engineer. Annaelle is a problem solver with expertise in Javascript, typescript and solidity. She integrates existing APIs for a seamless experience for both users and backend administrators.

Mike | DevOps Engineer.

Mike has been in the professional IT business for more than 20 years. Co-founder and CEO of ROCKNITIVE, he takes care of the infrastructure and helps conceptualize the product ideas and development.

Sebastian | Project Advisor.

Founder of multiple companies and crypto projects, including Polychain Monsters. Extremely experienced developer, especially in smart contracts. Specifically passionate about DeFi and NFTs.
Adelia | Visual Development Artist

Professional artist since 2013. Graphic design for motion reels, and developing concept art for 3d mapping and visual installations. Environment concept art, production design.