Metaverse Ready Voxel Avatars from Deep Sky.
Explore Sandbox with your Glitched Avatar & Weapon!

10000 exclusive voxel avatars based on the classes of the Deep Sky world and 7500 amazing weapons to jump into the adventure!

Exclusive Partnership with Zen Academy with one hour presale for Zen Academy holders! ACCESS BY A SECRET PASSWORD! WANT TO KNOW IT? JOIN ZEN ACADEMY and the Lost Glitches Discord Servers!

Mint Opens Soon!
in may 2022
The Glitched Land Metaverse on SANDBOX.

After purchasing your avatar, we will provide a download which contains a metaverse compatible .OBJ file, as well as high resolution videos and image files of your avatar or weapon. These avatars and weapons are Sandbox compatible, and when bridging is available you will be able to use them in the Sandbox Game! The high quality images supplied will be perfect for use as a profile image on your media social accounts or anywhere else you’d like to display them.

As part of our longer term roadmap, we plan to purchase land on SANDBOX to build The Glitched Land! This space will be a lot of fun and where players can participate in events, play games, earn other rewards!



// The Lost Glitches Voxels

We are releasing 10 000 voxel avatars and 7500 weapons that you can use for your avatar. These avatars are divided into categories and classes to match the Deep Sky class structure, they will have the same rarity levels as the Glitches and fall into a specific rarity category: Common / Rare / Epic / Legendary / Mystic. You will be able to sort by rarity on the minting page to see only a specific rarity category.

Price of Avatars

All voxels (excluding heroes and immortals) will be available on a first come first serve basis for 500 $LOST or 0.06 Eth! So be ready for the drop if you want to snag some rares!

Holders of immortal class Glitches will be able to mint Vederz, leader of the immortals at a discount for 500 $LOST like any other class, however, they won’t be reserved for fair distribution if others wish to mint them at the full listing price.

Price of Weapons

All weapons will cost 250 $LOST or 0.02 Eth!

Each avatar will unlock you a companion in the Lost Glitches game!

The Lost Glitches — Syndicate Wars is a fusion of collectible card game (CCG) and a role playing game (RPG). All players will be able to join one of the Syndicates, craft their deck, earn experience and $LOST tokens to improve their character’s abilities and equipment to eventually conquer the virtual world of the Deep Sky! If you want to learn more visit the index page of our website and the whitepaper section.


If you want to learn more about the voxels please join our Discord and verify your Glitched Voxel by going to the #verify-glitches room and following the instructions provided by Collab.Land. Once you’ve verified the ownership of your NFT, you will have access to the our Deep Sky (Glitches Only) area of the server, which hosts fantastic events and giveaways available only for the Glitched Avatars holders!

We are very excited to announce that you will be able to purchase the Glitched Avatars and Weapons not only with Ethereum but also to pay in $LOST! Yes, you heard it right! This collection will be the first use case of the $LOST token. On the minting page you will be able to pick the currency in which you want to pay and spend $LOST that you accumulated from staking the original collection of the Glitches!

How I can get $LOST if I don’t own any Glitches?

You can earn $LOST by staking Glitches or you can purchase The Lost Glitches Comic and claim 500 $LOST right away! So we can say that you get a “free” voxel with each comic purchase!

Prepare for the battle! FOR THE DEEP SKY!

What is Glitched Voxels Collection?

It is a 10k collection of voxel style characters created based on the original classes of The Lost Glitches, such as BTC Pirates, Miners, Punks, Rogues and others in the list. Each avatar will represent one of the classes in the Deep Sky world.

What about the weapons?

In the same collection, we will have a total of 7500 weapons available for your avatars, 15 types of swords, 10 staffs and 5 shields. Each weapon can be used as a real game weapon if the metaverse rules allow for this.

Where can I use these models?

Each model of the avatar or a weapon is metaverse ready. This means that each NFT you purchase will have a downloadable unlock that contains: Your avatar or weapon’s still image, video and an .OBJ file that you can upload to your account in the metaverse of your choice to play with if that platform’s rules allow it.

This is awesome! So it's compatible with Sandbox Game?

Yes! The avatars are created according to the Sandbox avatar template and don’t contain any additional animation nodes that could create a conflict when importing. But as you know, the Sandbox is still in an Alpha Stage, and bridging is not yet available. When it becomes available, your avatars will be ready to jump into the adventure and explore the beautiful worlds of Sandbox Game!

What will the price for the avatars and weapons be?

This is one of the most exciting parts of this collection! As you know, you can stake our original collection of Glitches to earn daily rewards in $LOST tokens that will be our in-game currency.

We are happy to announce that Glitched Voxels Collection will be the first use case for the $LOST token that you have earned from staking! We will provide you an option to choose the currency in which you want to pay for the mint.

If you choose to pay in $LOST token, each class avatar will cost you 500 $LOST, and a weapon will cost 200 $LOST.

If you choose to pay in Ethereum, the avatar price will be 0.06 ETH and 0.02 ETH for the weapon.

These prices are for the class avatars and the weapons only, excluding the immortal class avatar and heroes.

Sounds interesting, can you then tell us more about the rarity classification?

Sure, the collection will be divided into the classes we mentioned before. Each class belongs to a category based on the maximum supply of that class.


The weapons are also divided into the categories in the same way:


To provide a fair distribution, each class, excluding the Mystic rarity category, will be priced the same! So first come, first served!

Everyone will have the same opportunity to mint a rare class! The only difference will be for the Immortal class and Heroes.

As you know, the immortal class is the rarest we have in the original Glitches collection. The class avatar for immortals will cost 16500 $LOST, however, holders of the immortals class of the Glitches will receive a discount and will be able to mint it like every other class for 500 $LOST, but please remember they won’t be reserved for immortal holders!

And what about the Heroes?

The Heroes will be priced individually and contain a very limited supply of the most famous characters in the Deep Sky world – such as Ephira, Hoshi or the Syndicate Leaders! Prices of them will be unveiled on mint day!

How can I earn $LOST before the voxels drop?

There are three ways of earning $LOST at this moment. First is to stake your original Glitches which earns 1 $LOST per day for each Glitch, however, if you stake multiple glitches and a comic, you can get multipliers of your rewards! For example, 13 staked Glitches with a comic will give you 1.1x multiplier for each staked Glitch and 1.2x multiplier for the comic. So 13 staked Glitches will earn you 31.2 $LOST per day.

If you want to learn more about our staking mechanics, please visit this page -> MORE ABOUT $LOST.

The second option is that each of our original Glitches can claim 10 $LOST if it was not claimed yet.

And the third option is a very attractive one! By minting the Lost Glitched Comic. Minting a comic comes with a 500 $LOST reward that can be claim right away. So by minting the comic, you not only get the benefits attached to the comic, but it also means you will have enough $LOST to buy at least one Glitched Voxel in the new collection, or two weapons! Which is a pure win! Read more about the comic HERE.

Super! Will we see any Glitched Voxel integrations in the Lost Glitches trading card game? Or will these only be metaverse models for 3rd parties platforms?

Each holder of the Glitched Voxel will be able to claim a Voxel Companion later in the game when it’s released! This companion won’t be available in the game store and will be an exclusive unlock for Glitched Voxels holders. We will share the design of the companion closer to the game release!

Will we see any partnerships?

We know that the whole community wanted to see an exceptional person on board, and you’ve asked us several times about it! Yes, you are right! It’s Zeneca 33! So let us share a little more on that exciting partnership!

The Lost Glitches are partnering with Zen Academy! For the past few months, we have been in contact with Zeneca and have been showing him around behind the scenes and sharing our view on the game that we are building. We have a mutual respect and interest in the projects that we are developing. We want to make a solid long term relationship supporting each other and collaborating even closer in the future! This is why we are presenting our first collaboration as a partnership on Glitched Voxels Collection.

We are allocating 50 000 $LOST for the Zen Academy so they can mint 100 avatars or weapons. Also, Zeneca will receive an exclusive password to the minting page to give one-hour pre-sale access with no limitations! The same password will be provided to our community. We won’t have any whitelist opportunities or other options to get access to the pre-sale. It’s a 100% Exclusive partnership with Zen Academy!

We are very excited to work on this collab and to present you with even more exciting events in future together with Zeneca 33!

Amazing! WEN DROP?

We are aiming for the first week of May; we will share the exact day and time shortly! Stay tuned!

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them on our Discord channels!