// The Storyline

1618 years ago, in the year 2134, humanity was doomed by an unknown virus that arrived on the planet Earth when the first expedition to Mars returned home. It was a team of 10 people that went to Mars, but only 6 of them made it back, unaware of the lethal and invisible enemy they had with them.

After several months, the whole world was affected by the virus, and millions of people died. No cure was found in time. It was deadly and unstoppable, as the virus attacked the nervous system by shutting down all the vital organs, one by one, making the victim die in agony. However, around 60% of the population survived and developed immune cells against the virus. These immune cells were called the “Pi Cells”, because of their fundamental structure.

Later in the year 1618 after the “RE:initialization” when “Pi Cell” was studied in detail, scientists developed a new technology based on its structure and on how it was communicating with other cells that would allow people to connect in “Deep Sky”, a new global virtual network that replaced the Internet. When “Deep Sky” was activated, an unexplained chain of events made people die while connected to the network. Their minds were permanently transferred into the network while their body stopped functioning. The culprit was quickly found. This event was triggered when a person stayed connected for 3 days, 1 hour 41 minutes and 59 seconds without breaking the connection. This effect was later named the “Pi Effect.”

The government decided to introduce a forced logout every 5 hour, thus keeping people safely connected to the network and making sure that no one will die again. Even if they tried to fix the “Pi Effect” quickly, people were lost in the depths of virtual reality, never to return again.

Lost Glitches is a fusion of collectible card game (CCG) and a role playing game (RPG). Players choose their syndicate, craft their deck and earn experience to improve their character’s abilities and equipment to eventually conquer the virtual world of Deep Sky.