At its core, Lost Glitches is a collectible card game, taking its cues from popular games in the genre. Players play in turns, casting their creatures and spells during their turn by consuming their available mana.To keep gameplay strategic and engaging, players can still cast spells during the other person’s turn.

// Core Pillars

In order to direct the development process we have conceived some Core Pillars of the game, these are tenants to follow during development. All decisions should strengthen these qualities in the game.

Role Playing

A feeling of inhabiting your avatar in a way that is mechanically and aesthetically relevant.


Skill based to a point where it can reliably support contests with real world gravity.


Cards that are always relevant to the game and therefore allow for a wide variety of competition viable customised decks.

Aesthetically Distinct

A General look that makes it stand apart from other games in the Genre.

Constant player Engagement

Players should always feel active and should always have the possibility to perform an action regardless of turn.