// Play & Earn


Lost Glitches is a free to play PvP game. Players can also train in single player mode, but the game shines in PvP. When a player wins a PvP match, they earn “BITS” (our in-game currency).


Lost Glitches will host regular in-game events and tournaments where players can compete against each other. Participation in these tournaments has an entry fee in $LOST or in BITS. Depending on the type of event and the number of wins they achieved during the event, players can earn $LOST, BITS, NFTs, cards, booster packs and other cosmetic items.

Lost Glitches is not a pay to win game, so players participating in those events will never earn cards that aren’t available to all players.


Every player creates their own collection of cards. Players participating in the in-game events have the opportunity to also collect NFTs.


Players can join the game’s marketplace to buy and sell their NFTs.


The game will have two currencies to have a clear separation between free to play and play to earn.


Bits are the in-game currency that player can earn just by playing the game. Players can use this currency to unlock packs, sleeves and other cosmetic items.

$LOST Token

This is the Lost Glitches Token with a real world value. Players need to spend $LOST to join our in-game events and tournaments. By joining these events, players have the opportunity to earn more $LOST.

The $LOST contract address is: 0x71854072ce51cC8859c8c178e33581034fa75753