core loop

// free to play

Select your character and fight for your syndicate and reputation among syndicate members. Build your way up!
Earn $LOST by participating in game events and tournaments and then spend them for upgrades or craft new NFT cards.
Win cards by playing the game. Unique cards can be collected by joining game events and tournaments.
Buy and Sell your collection as NFTs. Use $LOST tokens to craft NFTs and list them on the marketplace.

Prepare for the Syndicate Wars!

The Lost Glitches — Syndicate Wars is a fusion of collectible card game (CCG) and a role playing game (RPG). All players will be able to join one of the Syndicates, craft their deck, earn experience and $LOST tokens to improve their character’s abilities and equipment to eventually conquer the virtual world of the Deep Sky!

The experience of the player’s character increases with every win. And you can choose how to upgrade your spells to make your commander even more powerful on the battlefield. Also, you are gaining Syndicate points that you can spend in your syndicate to boost your district and unlock special abilities or bonuses for all the players of your syndicate. 

You will see a dynamic world of the Deep Sky, which will change based on gameplay. In its core, the game should be accessible with depth and progression for advanced players. Game styles will be strongly influenced by the syndicate the players choose to play with.

So choose wisely, each syndicate is very unique!

five syndicates

// choose your playstyle

The comic drop


Collection of 10.000 comics, minting price 0.075ETH, however, each Glitch Holder will have 33% discount and will be free to mint for owners of the Immortals class. The comic is 16 pages and feature the adventures of Ephira and Hoshi.

If you want to learn more about the comic please join our Discord and verify your Glitch ownership by typing !join in the #bot-commands room. Once you’ve verified the ownership of your Glitch, you will have access to the our Deep Sky (Glitches Only) area of the server which hosts fantastic events and giveaways available only for the Glitch holders!

As a special feature, collectors with more than 1 Glitch will be rewarded with minting multipliers of their $LOST Rewards. Learn More.

If you don’t own any Glitches and only buy the comic, you will receive 500 $LOST tokens, early access to the game and access to a unique quest in the game where you will be able to earn an extra rare NFT and other in game items. These rewards will only be available in this quest and can’t be obtained in any other ways in the game. Full list of the items will be shared close to the release day.

500 $LOST in rewards into their Deep Sky Network accounts to all Comic Holders!