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PvP Tournaments
Battle in PvP tournaments and compete with other players across the globe. Or play Ranked Games with your friends and earn amazing rewards and weekly unlocks to make your character even more powerful!
Earn Rewards
Cards, companions, skills animations, quest stories and fantastic cosmetics get unlocked the more you play and the better you become. Jump into the battle now and start levelling up your reputation and that of your Syndicate!
Collect Cards
Collect and customise your cards. Classic sets of cards will become available to build a unique collection. And if you are a collector we have something very special for you as well in the Collector Edition Booster Packs.
Own Your Cards
You are the true owner of your cards and you can engage in trading these cards with other players, fostering a dynamic and interactive community!



Join our community
Be part of a vibrant community and get access to Private Betas and unique giveaways!