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Welcome to Lost Glitches

Lost Glitches brings together role playing games and deck building. Your choices in early game will impact your character evolution and long term strategy.

Learn the basics of the gameplay
easy to play, balanced PVP

Your character.

5 Syndicates. unlimited styles.

The game consists of five syndicates. Each syndicate is fundamentally different from the other. When you select a syndicate, you choose a specific play type that best suits your style. Specific glitch abilities are found more often in one syndicate and combine better with specific types of software, making that play style clearer.
Create your character and deck based on your preferences: stealth attacks and burst damage with Sentinels of eternity or strong numbers and sacrifices with Curators maxima. You’ll find firewalls, sinkholes and powerful glitches in Adamant hands and challenge your opponent to choose between two evils with Song of the chain. Disrupt the opponents play style and launch powerful mid-game attacks with Guardians of the source.

Your deck.

enhance your character

You can build your own deck and attach to the character with cards you’ve collected. Choose strategically the glitches and software that best complement your character’s skills. You are free to assign glitches from other syndicates than your character to your deck and create the strategy that works best for you. Software cards aren’t assigned to a syndicate, yet their effects are built around character abilities to create powerful combos.
Go through the cards library and find the cards you want to collect and assign to your character’s deck.

The battleground

Lost Glitches is a turn based game and the battleground provides valuable information about you, your opponent and the game phases.

The phases

Lost Glitches is a turn-based game and every turn consists of the following phases.


During this phase the current player draws a card, adds another energy point and all energy points refill.
Both players can cast glitches and software.


Combat consists of three sub-phases:

  • declaring attackers: current player declares the attacking glitches.
  • declaring defenders: opponent declares which glitch will defend the attackers.
  • combat: the glitches fight.

Only “plug-and-play” software can be cast during this phase.


During this phase both players can cast glitches and software.