Bonuses of the Booster Drop

Can you feel it? There is a lot of excitement and a thrill of anticipation in the air! We are only a few days away from our first booster pack drop! Soon we will all be opening booster packs together! Imagine how much fun it will be to start building your Lost Glitches deck!

After months of excited waiting, we will be able to collect and assemble together our first sets of Glitched heroes and Software Cards to conquer the Deep Sky Network with. Participating in the drop is the ideal way to ensure you are optimally prepared and ready to go when the time comes and our highly anticipated game launches.

But wait! There’s more! We have some amazing bonuses in store for you! You don’t want to miss out on our launch week $LOST token giveaways and the truly amazing additional bonuses of the drop that await you during launch week! Are you ready to be blown away?

Alright, here we go!

1. Discount when buying Boosters using $LOST Token

First have a look at the following table and compare the USD prices to the prices in $LOST token. Notice anything?

$2.99 / 500 $LOST

$14.99 / 1000 $LOST

$99.99 / 1500 $LOST

If your first reaction is “does not compute!”, you might be a robot but you would also be right!

Paying for your boosters in $LOST tokens gets you a huge discount, as the price in $LOST tokens is heavily discounted and not in any way proportional to the value in USD.

At the Lost Glitches we are always looking to find ways to reward our most loyal supporters, holders and Glitch stakers. That is one of the reasons that we want everyone who staked their Glitches to receive a huge discount when getting the highest available tier of booster packs, the Gold Booster Pack! There is no proportional relationship between USD and $LOST token but if it were in fact proportional, then a Gold booster pack would be around 16721 $LOST tokens ((99.99 : 2.99)*500), just to make clear what a great deal you are getting using our utility token!

If you went ahead and staked your Glitches when the Glitch staking rewards system was released in the beginning of the year, you should have accumulated a sizable bounty chest of precious $LOST tokens. For the time being, if you are a holder of $LOST tokens, you are part of a very exclusive club since there are not many ways to attain them at this very moment. Right now there are only two ways to obtain our utility token: Each comic that you mint comes, among many other great bonuses(!), with 500 $LOST tokens that can be harvested straight away as long as the comic is not staked yet. After harvesting your tokens, you will probably want to stake your comic as it serves as a bonus multiplier for the only other way to get your hands on our $LOST utility token: Staking your Glitches from the original The Lost Glitches collection! Staking them together with a comic doubles your daily $LOST rewards since staking your comic adds a multiplier of 2. If you are staking multiple Glitches you are also rewarded with an additional multiplier that maxes out at 2 if you have 10 or more Glitches staked. For more details, please see the following medium post about The Lost Glitches Staking Rewards system.

2. Chance to win Physical Collectors Cards

Imagine holding a stunning holographic, mint condition, prototype collectors card from The Lost Glitches – Memories in your own hands! The physical, printed cards are a very exclusive collector’s item, valued at $3000. Up to 100 of all Silver and Gold Booster pack minters will stand a chance to win these by participating in the upcoming drops!

We are wishing you good luck to be among the lucky people who will be randomly chosen to win these spectacular physical cards.

*It should be noted that as a collector’s item, the cards are not playable and will eventually be listed in our web store as a high value collector’s item.

3. Art Cards

With every upcoming booster pack drop a new art card will be unlocked. There will be a total of 6 art cards that will be airdropped to anyone who mints a Silver or Gold Booster Pack during each of the drops. If you collect all of the Art Cards your wallet will be eligible to unlock the mighty 5th bonus of the booster pack drops, THE SHOVEL, a very rare and mythic card! 

Please be aware that only wallets that participated in all of the drops will qualify for THE SHOVEL, so buying Art Cards on the secondary market will not qualify you.

*Art cards are collectable cards and currently not playable in game.

4. Pre-Sale Access to the Booster Drop

Our community and our partner communities will be able to obtain booster packs 30 minutes before the drop goes public. We want you to be able to get your hands on the boosters before anyone else! On launch day, a password will be provided to you half an hour before anyone else can access the booster drop!


If you participate in all 6 booster pack drops and collect all 6 Art Cards with the same wallet you will unlock the ultra rare and mighty THE SHOVEL card.

THE SHOVEL is a mythic and ultra rare card that does not drop from booster packs and can only be obtained by actively participating and buying a Silver or Gold Booster Pack in each drop. If you collect all of the 6 Art Cards with the same wallet, your wallet will unlock the mythical THE SHOVEL card, so each booster pack drop you participate in will count as ⅙ of the way to get your hands on a card that will give your deck a very unique flavour and let it stand out from and tower over ordinary decks. It is only for wallets who participated in all 6 drops that at least bought one Silver or Gold Booster pack. Beware that buying the 6 Art Cards on secondary will not qualify you! It is an exclusive bonus of all 6 booster pack drops! THE SHOVEL is a one time special, whose powers are still shrouded in mystery. Let us tell you one thing though: it’s a card you do not want to miss out on! A card that one day could be as legendary as a MTG Black Lotus card!

More Bonuses!

All the 5 bonuses mentioned above combine to an amazing package of bonuses but there is even more exciting news than that! If you are kicking yourself for not yet having started to accumulate the precious $LOST tokens that enable you to take advantage of the incredible discount that minting with them gets you, you might still be in luck! To raise the bar even further, we decided to give away a total of 50000 $LOST tokens during Twitter spaces, activities and other events during the booster pack launch week! 

So be sure to join all of our events and Glitched Spaces on Twitter during the upcoming launch week to have a chance to fill your bags with precious $LOST tokens!