own the cards you love
Classic, exclusive and collectors cards

You can tokenize the cards you’ve collected, make them your own and have the option to trade them within the community.

collect and trade cards
three editions of every card.

Classic Cards


Classic cards are the foundation of the game. The expressive, detailed yet at the same time minimalistic artwork allows you to quickly read and play the card, while also giving each card a unique flavour.

You can earn and unlock classic cards by fully exploring the game world and progressing through the game’s many exciting and challenging quests and also by winning spine-tingling PvP matches, or you can get them by buying booster packs.

Exclusive Cards

play & collect

Exclusive cards are cool and shiny holo versions of the classic edition of cards. The exclusive artwork of these cards add swagger and style to your deck and lets them stand out from your other cards. You will also be able to earn exclusive cards by joining and winning tournaments. Exclusive cards have special effects on them that are visible to you on the card artwork and on the battlefield for the opponent.

You can earn exclusive cards by joining and winning tournaments, participating in exclusive seasonal events and other special occasions, or you can get them by buying booster packs.

Collectors Cards

play, collect & show off

The ultimate way to show off your status as a true TCG fan and join the top collector ranks of The Lost Glitches. By obtaining collector cards you will join an exclusive club of TCG connoisseurs and cement your status as a true appreciator and aficionado in the community and beyond!

All collector cards will be holo, feature breathtaking animations, special effects, different art styles and accentuate themselves with dramatic and expressive backgrounds. You can look forward to a delightful display of our artists skills in character design ingenuity and animation! Imagine having a full set of these vibrant, unique and limited pieces of art! These cards are for true collectors, our most loyal and passionate fans and people who seek out super exclusive cards!

You can earn collectors cards by joining and winning tournaments or by buying booster packs.

Types of Booster Packs

Bronze Pack | Price: $1.99

Silver Pack | Price: $9.99

Gold Pack | Price: $14.99

Booster packs will be available in 3 different prices, $1.99, $9.99 and $14.99. Each booster type has a different probability to contain exclusive or collectors cards.

*Bronze and Silver packs contain 5 cards while Gold contain 6.