Embark on Epic Quests in The Lost Glitches Private Alpha!

Are you ready to connect yourself to the Deep Sky Network and immerse yourselves in an exciting and action-packed trading card game adventure? Hold on tight as we unveil the brand new quests coming your way in the next upcoming alpha build! Quests to challenge your skills, strategy, and determination to emerge as the ultimate card battler in the Deep Sky realm.

Daily Quests: Conquer the Deep Sky, One Day at a Time!

Daily Quest 1: Network Explorer – Jumpstart your journey every day by logging into the Deep Sky Network!  You’ll earn experience points (XP) that will take you one step closer to becoming a legendary card warrior.

Daily Quest 2: Glitch Commander – The Deep Sky is filled with enigmatic characters known as Glitches! As a Commander your task is to send them into thrilling battles each day to gain control over precious memory storage space and other important resources. The more you triumph on the battlegrounds, the more XP you will gain, setting yourself apart as a force to be reckoned with.

Daily Quest 3: Software Synchronizer – A true master knows the value of the cutting-edge Software cards! Play ten Software cards daily, and in return, you will be rewarded with LOST tokens, the utility token of The Lost Glitches gaming ecosystem that can be used to purchase our booster packs and much more!

Daily Quest 4: Skilful Battlegrounds Commander – Refine your techniques and strategies by engaging your skills 5 times each day. Not only will you bring glory to your side of the battleground and show off your tactical prowess, but you will also earn LOST tokens to bolster your inventory and ensure abundant supply of battle resources

Daily Quest 5: Champion’s Glory – Prove your valour in five victorious matches every day! Win battles, crush your opponents, and be recognized as a true champion of the Deep Sky. Fame and fortune await those who climb to the top!

Weekly Quest: Rise to Glory and Riches!

Weekly Quest: Battle Royale – Prepare for a weekly showdown like no other! Engage in ten heart-pounding matches throughout the week to claim your rightful share of LOST tokens. Fierce battles and great rewards! Will you emerge as the ultimate weekly champion?

Monthly Quest: Legends of the Alpha!

Monthly Quest: Glitch Exterminator – Triumph over the Glitches of opposing Commanders! In this monthly challenge, prove your prowess by defeating ten opposing Glitches. Rise to the occasion, and you will gain XP that will help propel you to the upper echelons of battleground Commanders and cement your legendary status.

We are excited to see you embarking on the quests and becoming a legend in the Deep Sky.  Your engagement and determination drive the very heartbeat of our game, and together, we will forge a legacy to be reckoned with!

Gather your decks, summon your strategies, and set out on our new epic quests to claim glory, rewards, and eternal fame! The Deep Sky Network eagerly awaits your arrival, and we look forward to witnessing your ascent to greatness!

Happy gaming, Commanders! Unleash your skills, outsmart your opponents and let your tactical brilliance and strategic prowess lead you to victory!