Recruiting with the Divine Manipulations Deck

The Divine manipulations deck is all about recruiting opponent’s Glitches to your side of the battlegrounds and using them to your advantage. You can make Glitches switch allegiance temporarily, that is until the end of the turn, or permanently, depending on which cards or abilities you play. The trick to playing this deck efficiently is to understand how to plan ahead your Energy so that you will have enough to effectively recruit. Another aspect to pay attention to is who you can recruit and who you cannot recruit. Some recruitments are determined by attack power, some require a sacrifice and payment of initialisation costs, and more – it pays to pay close attention to the abilities on the cards! Your first skill allows you to force a situation in which you and your opponent each sacrifice a Glitch on the battleground. If you recruit a Glitch over and use the skill it means that you killed two of your Glitches opponents at once by just using your skill.

There are several ways to recruit with the deck. Let’s take a look at all of the cards that enable you to turn your opponent’s Glitches against them! We start with Glitch Cards, then look at Software Cards and wrap up with some of the cards in the deck that greatly benefit from getting buffed through the recruitment mechanic.

Recruitment Glitch Cards

Let’s take a look at the Glitch Cards that allow you to recruit your enemy.

Warbloom Summoner is a card that allows you to temporarily recruit any of your opponent’s Glitches that have 2 or less attack power. It is a great card for stealing low attack power Glitches from your opponent in order to then use the first skill to cause a sacrifice on both sides of the battlegrounds.

Holy Invertor is a card that lets you permanently recruit one of your opponent’s Glitches to your side regardless of attack power but with the caveat that your opponent can choose which one to part with unless they have only one Glitch on the board. You also want to be careful after Holy Invertor changes allegiances because your opponent will be able to use its ability as well!

Cosmic Changeling is a card that recruits a Glitch over to your side if an opponent’s Glitch damages it in any way. Even if the other Glitch dies, it will do so on your side of the battlegrounds and gains you a counter for your skills.

Careless Dominator is a card that features a low energy cost ability for temporarily recruiting a Glitch over with but requires you to first sacrifice one of your own Glitches, whose energy cost determines whom you can lure away from the opponent’s side of the battleground.

Divine Enthraller is a legendary card that lets you permanently recruit and fully heal any enemy you kill with it if you can pay that Glitch’s energy cost. If you have plenty of energy it is a great card because you can forget about any attack power or energy cost requirements!

Software Cards

Here are the Software Cards that help you to recruit the opponent to your cause:

Violent Intimidation is a card that lets you sacrifice one of your Glitches and in turn permanently recruit one of your opponent’s Glitches of the same or lower attack power as the sacrifice.

Mind Tricks can instantly recruit an enemy until the end of the turn. It can be a great Software to play to disrupt attacks and stop an opponent’s Glitches’ abilities if timed right!

Jump Ship will permanently recruit a Glitch to your side at the start of your next turn! Be aware that until then your opponent is still in full control and can decide to either sacrifice the Glitch in question or send it on a suicide mission during the attack phase.

Cards that benefit from recruitment

All recruitment activities cause the the following cards to receive powerful buffs:

Devout Mesmerist comes across as pretty innocuous at first glance but can quickly accumulate serious attack power and health points with every single recruit and can quickly become the most powerful card on the battleground!

Mind Cleanser is the tank and defense specialist of the deck and benefits from a full heal each time you recruit a Glitch.


Recruiting enemies to your side of the battlegrounds and using them against one another is exciting and great fun! This little recruitment overview of the Divine Manipulations deck shows you just how powerful a deck it is to play in your conquest of the Deep Sky Network!

Happy recruiting, Commanders!