Upcoming Game Changes in the The Lost Glitches Private Alpha

The Lost Glitches private alpha is in full swing and we are eagerly preparing for a major update to the game build that will bring about exciting changes! 

Change is a dynamic force that propels growth, evolution, and progress in all aspects of life and with the forthcoming update to the build, the game will undoubtedly become even more thrilling, enjoyable and highly customisable to your preferred playing style!

One of the changes coming our alpha tester’s way are much more fast-paced matches! That means matches will be even more action-driven without any unnecessary waiting for the opponent to react, continue or resolve actions! Eliminating the different phases will lead to snappier and more dynamic matches!

As avid gamers, the prospect of levelling up characters and unlocking new features always excites us! What if you could already access and learn more about the character progression systems to get a feel for what they will be like when the game fully releases? How do daily, weekly or monthly challenges and earning experience points (XP) sound to you? Earned XP that can be utilised to upgrade skills, empowering our alpha players to strengthen their commanders and decks progressively. Upon release of The Lost Glitches game the level gains will not carry over to ensure a fair start for everyone, but our alpha testers will have a very good understanding of how the systems work already! But that’s not all! On top of levelling up, players will have the opportunity to earn precious LOST tokens as well! These tokens can be used to purchase booster packs in the highly anticipated The Lost Glitches GENESIS booster pack sales, adding a whole new layer of value and excitement to the gaming experience of our alpha testers and a peak at what’s to come upon full game launch next year!

There’s more! Are you ready? How about adding more cards for more deck variety? Players can look forward to an even richer and more diverse collection of the cards of our first set called “Memories” being featured in the alpha build! And to add to the excitement and elevate it to the greatest heights, we are enabling the deck editor, providing players with the freedom to create their own unique decks and assign skills to them. This new level of customization will undoubtedly unleash players’ creativity and strategic thinking, resulting in more engaging and personalised gameplay experiences. We cannot wait to explore and strategize with an even greater variety of gameplay styles and look forward to seeing all the decks that our alpha testers will create!

We will soon reveal even more details on all these exciting changes and we cannot wait to hear what you think about them!

We are sure that the juicy and tantalising hints of these upcoming changes have you buzzing with excitement and anticipation. You can rest assured that we are holding even more surprises up our sleeves! We cannot wait to tell you more and show you the next build of The Lost Glitches trading card game!

We cannot wait to conquer the Deep Sky Network together with you!